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Immerse yourself in the voltage charged realm of live cockfighting at Panalobet where fans can experience the rush and energy of this acclaimed past-time to be held only in the Philippines. Providing the ultimate live cockfighting experience and taking action on enforcing high standards of service, dedication, credibility and customer centricity means that everyone can count on Panalobet keeping audience right on their fighting seats.

Realistic Cockfighting Experience

The name Panalobet is synonymous with authenticity. The game thrusts players into the action of cockfighting with live broadcasts from top-tier broadcast locations across the Philippines, bringing them all the thrills this historic sport has to offer. Every part of the cockfighting experience is brought to life from the roar of real-life spectators to rooster-on-rooster clashing in the fighting pit, entirely immersing audiences in a title fight without them ever having to leave home.